Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok I have been gone for a min...I know! I think I am just going through the days...working..and not much else! The other day I thought to myself...Of all the things that have happened in my life..I should write a book! Then I thought who would be interested in that, so many people have traveled down the same path I have...and we all have some story to tell, but then it hit me, maybe I should compile a book of short stories of all the people...maybe that would be interesting. I am no diffrent than anyone else, but maybe I have a different spin on life. It's OK to say what you feel, and talk about things that make you go. But I don't know...if life's a journey, where do you begin to understand some of the paths you have taken.. I'm not sure but it should be fun to find out! Now that Pres. Obama has passed his health care....should we all get ready for some crappy medical care? Will the big Business that have money tied up in expensive meds, be mad? what will happen to all the Over the Top procedures? Will research not get funded...or will we have a million fix all drugs? I don't don't even know...I just want to say something to the world....we are dying, lets pull together...or it won't matter who has what!

Friday, July 10, 2009


I cover you with protection and have shielded you from harm.....and so many of you want it, need it fight for it...many give your life for it...Freedom! but yet we all close our eyes to many wrongs...a few will fight the fight........but who really wins! I love to write, sometimes it has meaning and some times none...writing is a tool, a way of escaping, you can be who ever you want to be.... I flow like water and push like the thoughts are like the sun...quick to warm you, but quick to burn...don't hide from your faces but meet them head on...trouble can be a drink of water...and that it is gone..I am just laughing inside...Life for me is fun, not rich, but not poor...what I don't have in money I have in pride...Don't have to believe in false prophets or words from some book...I just put trust in me...and never take a second look...Ha Ha there I go on and on...Here is a thought not made from hate, but of love and more live a life...and learn a lesson, will keep the haters always...Guessing! Peace in the world...for we all live here!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Soooo Tired

Seems the State has found a very fixable thing in my building...but I know they need job security.....SO BRING IT ON!!!! Sorry this is late today, but what can you do when the very people who can close you down, show up? So I have been on a steady decline I would body doesn't like! I have no nothing...Could it be stress...I don't even know? When does it all end....growing old is not fun, and dam sure ain't pleasant! My energy level is low to into a big argument...We need to learn how to talk to different can't come at everyone with the same tone...but also we must listen...for everyone doesn't hear the same...for love watches from above, while hate from below...we are in the middle trying to find which way to go...a tug of luck, and a pish from fate...will probaly land you in the right place...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bla Bla Blahhhhhhh...

This is all we hear when the conversation doesn't fit us...or go in away we want want it to...But ahhha!! Listen and hear it all...I am so guilty of just hearing my point (because it's what I want to hear) but that's not the right way. A clear mind is better than a cluttered wait until you are ready, then speak on it. What you say may change a lot of things. I spent some much needed time with my girls..I think I've been so rapped up in my own little world that I have been neglecting the vary ones who look at me as strength...But its hard to be strong when suddenly, your amour has chinks in it (sorry not meant in a racist way) I can't even think of when I had so much going on....I wish sometimes for the years of old...not the years getting old! Be at peace with the cards you are dealt...know that somethings aren't meant to be...but the things you have are meant to be...Is giving ones dreams up hard? Or the dreams that we had manifest into diffrent realities...Funny but you can run from a lot of thigs...But time waits for nobody....Hands bound by failure, are only tied by you....I wish I could just snap my fingers, and have a fix for everything...But what good would that do? We would just take for granted the things that are in front of us! I move with the whistling of the wind...a mountain to me, is but a small object..the sea is where my thoughts dive to the bottom...but only to surface again, into real life..the trees hold up my spirt, as birds swoop down to tell me there stories....Why the Sun cries out, That it only wishes to meet the rain....I listen as the weeping willow, weeps...and wonders..Why is the world bearing down on me? No answer comes...and it weeps more, and more....eeys to see, but blind is the man who has everything..but does nothing!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Are you sure?

Lets face it...We all want control in what we do with our lives...Myself as a father want my kids to have control over there lives..I will give the foundation for them to build on, but it's there lives to live. One of my biggest things is open dialog....If you don't believe that a person will be open and honest with you at all can you expect them to be honest when it counts the most? My oldest daughter who should be leading the way for the younger ones to follow has decided in her wisdom not to tell me anything....As she says "that why I don't tell you anything" Wow...I say to that, then you can't ever tell me you don't understand me...because you would be right! But the funny thing is that was your choice....This battle at who is right and who is wrong has been raging on before me and mine...but with me its not a are right until you become wrong!!! So what can I do..I try to let them make mistakes, and I try not to be judgmental...Yes I do get mad...but not to the point I will stay mad...I believe if you want to be taken at face value...then you should prove your value and be up front...It's not about having your own life, its about enjoying your life with those who truly love you.....I smile but inside..I am proud and it screams loudly inside...I should show my mask of love..but inner wars have clouded my I mad at the world...or at myself...I walk alone, but with many..all faces all eyes...whats to become of me...where will I be...when the silence becomes so loud!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Trust is a blanket that we put keeps us in tune with lots of things...but when trust is breached then things change...We all want to be trusted...but do we do the things that warrant that? You can't think by not saying anything, that you can expect someone to trust you! If I need a friend..I want to trust him/her....but trust is not spare change handed out when ever you feel like it....You must insure you are also trustworthy....Today is a great day, lots of birds in the sky...but the threat of great despair is on the horizon...we need a way to fix whats going on in our world...but yet we are stretched to thin over vast areas...when does the US fix its own problems first? Are we doomed like most super powers...certain to fall apart at our own hands...can we all pull together, because when it goes do we all! MJ is having his life ripped apart...why is it the best thing for the MJ kids to live with his mom...she is old...and joe Jack lives there...maybe the Mom should step up....Ice from my eyes will soothe the fire in my soul...but nothing can quench the thirst for the very thing, that we all covet... The feeling of what am I meant to I belong...just know are what you make yourself..don't let where you live, or how you grow up change who you really are...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I just got hit with the Whammy I have a big inspection from work...and now the State comes in....Freedom of choice...that's what they say, but when you do speak out they brand you as a trouble what do you do? Me I say whats on my mind...but I do find a better way to say it...Laugh til it hurts...if life gets crazy, just take a step back and breathe....I don't know where Im going with this blog but it sure aint to the the the book of MJ starts to truly can't help but to wonder who he truly was...I hope they don't destroy what we have all come to you are the President...but I still am waiting for you to show us the way...the USA is in bad trouble,and while it wasn't you who put us's now your task to get us out....SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?..I slowly turn my feet in a counter-clock wise see if time will go in reverse, to see if a whole in my heart can refill it's self..but no matter how I doesn't..So I close my eyes and take a trip back down memory lane...and it's a good one...I see the beats of my youth, sourrounded by friends and family..I see my visons of what I want to be,and where I want to I disapointed? Np..Im blessed with treasures that can never be taken from me..I sail on a ship of happiness, and my crew is Love...and we are headed to eternity....Live the dream, but don't sleep your life away.....