Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok I have been gone for a min...I know! I think I am just going through the days...working..and not much else! The other day I thought to myself...Of all the things that have happened in my life..I should write a book! Then I thought who would be interested in that, so many people have traveled down the same path I have...and we all have some story to tell, but then it hit me, maybe I should compile a book of short stories of all the people...maybe that would be interesting. I am no diffrent than anyone else, but maybe I have a different spin on life. It's OK to say what you feel, and talk about things that make you go. But I don't know...if life's a journey, where do you begin to understand some of the paths you have taken.. I'm not sure but it should be fun to find out! Now that Pres. Obama has passed his health care....should we all get ready for some crappy medical care? Will the big Business that have money tied up in expensive meds, be mad? what will happen to all the Over the Top procedures? Will research not get funded...or will we have a million fix all drugs? I don't don't even know...I just want to say something to the world....we are dying, lets pull together...or it won't matter who has what!

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